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 ( ) 1. ________ it is today!

  A. What fine weather B. What a fine weather C. How a fine weather D. How fine a weather

  解析:选A. 此题容易误选B. weather是不可数名词,前面不能有不定冠词。英语中经常考查的不可数名词有work, news, adivice, information等。

  ( ) 2. Which is the way to the __________?

  A. shoe factory B. shoes factory C. shoe’s factory D. shoes’ factory

  解析: 选A. 此题极易误选B, C, D. 英语中名词单数可以修饰名词,如: an apple tree →two apple trees. 但注意 a man teacher→two men teachers。

  ( ) 3. This class ________ now. Miss Gao teaches them。

  A. are studying B. is studying C. be studying D. studying

  解析: 选A. 此题容易误选B. class, family, team等单词如果表示整体谓语就用单数,表示个体就用复数,从语境及其后面的代词them可以看出,class表示个体,故选择A。

  ( ) 4. We will have a _________ holiday after the exam。

  A. two month B. two-month C. two month’s D. two-months

  解析: 选择B 此题容易误选C, D. 在英语中数词中间用连字符号加名词单数,构成符合名词,在句中只能作定语, 如果选择C, 需要把逗号放s后面。

  ( ) 5. There is no enough ________ on the corner to put the table。

  A. place B. room C. floor D. ground

  解析: 选B. 此题最容易误选A.。 room在句中是空间而非房间。句意:角落里没有摆桌子的空间了。

  ( ) 6. We can have _____ blue sky if we create _____ less polluted world。(苏州2010)

  A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the

  解析:选A. 此题容易误选C, D. 根据句意:如果我们创造一个没有污染的世界,那么我们就用一个蓝色的天空。

  ( ) 7. — Are you ________ American or English? — English.. We are working in Wuhu. (芜湖10)

  A. a B. \ C. the D. an

  解析:选B 此题容易误选D. 句中American是形容词而非名词,如果句中改为Are you __________ or an English man? 就选择D。

  ( ) 8. You like playing basketball, and he likes running, _______?

  A. don’t you B. doesn’t he C. do you D. does he

  解析:选择B. 此题容易误选A. 其实不是对前面的句中进行反问,而是对he likes running进行反问。

  ( ) 9. —Why not take ____ umbrella with the sign “ Made in China”? It is _____ useful umbrella?

  —What _______ good advice it is!

  A. an; an; a B. an; a; \ C. a; an; a D. \; an; a

  解析: 选B. 大多数学生容易做错此题。记住an用在元音音素前而不是元音字母前,记住了这一点就知道了an umbrella 和a useful umbrella. 在最后一句中advice是不可数名词,前面不能接不定冠词。故选择B

  ( ) 10. – When shall we meet again next week? -- _______ day is possible. It’s no problem with me。

  A. Either B. Neither C. Every D. Any

  解析: 此题非常难,选D. 下周任何一天都可以再次见面。Any在肯定句中意思是“任何的”。下周有七天容易排除A, B. 如果把next week 改为next Monday or Tuesday, 则必须选择A。

  ( ) 11. Robert has gone to _________ city and he’ll be back in a week。

  A. other B. the other C. another D. any other

  解析:选C. 三个以上另外一个用another, other一般情况下修饰名词复数, the other表示两个中的另外一个,any other任何别的。句意:罗伯特去了另一个城市,一周后回来。

  ( ) 12. – A latest magazine, please. - Only one left. Would you like to have ________?

  A. it B. one C. this D. that

  解析:选A. 此题容易误选B. 根据句意:— 买一份最新报纸,—只剩下一份了,你要买这份吗?据此我们知道指的就是手里的那份报纸,并不是同一类事物。

  ( ) 13. – Which book would you like to borrow? -- ________ of the two books is OK with me。

  A. Either B. Both C. Any D. None

  解析:选A. 此题容易误选B. 根据two books好容易排除C, D. 从谓语动词单数is 我们排除B。故选择A。

  ( ) 14. Mrs. Lee teaches ________ math. We all like her。

  A. we B. us C. our D. ours

  解析: 选B. 考查学生对teach sb sth。的掌握情况。 此题容易误选C. 误选C的学生是看见后面有名词math, 思维定势名词前面必须用形容词性物主代词。

  ( ) 15. There are many trees on ________ side of the street。

  A. either B. any C. all D. both

  解析:选A. 此题容易误选D. 街道只有两边,排除B, C. both后面接复数,on either side of the strreet等于on the both sides of. 。如果选择D. side必须用复数形式。


( ) 16.________ is the population of the city?

  A. How many B. What C. How many people D. How much

  解析:B。此题容易误选A, C. 人口多少用What. 相当于How many people are there in the city?

  ( ) 17. —Why don’t we take a little break? — Didn’t we just have _______ ?(苏州10)

  A. it B .that C. one D. this

  解析:选 C. 同类事物用one. 句意:—为什么我们不休息一会儿?—刚才我们不是才休息吗?

  ( ) 18. The teacher asked the boy many questions,but he only answered___ of them(安徽)

  A.some B.lots C.each D.few

  解析:A. 此题会误选D. 但前面有only, 如果去掉副词则选D。

  ( ) 19.About ______ the fans are waiting here. They want to see the great singer。(2009年河南模拟)

  A. two thousand of o thousand C.thousand of o thousands of

  解析:此题极容易选错,误认为是B. 但two thousand后面直接接名词复数,不能有冠词the, 句意是:歌迷中大约有2000人在那里等,想看看这位伟大的歌星。

  ( ) 20. —How many apples do I have? — You can have ______. I want none of them。

  A. one B. all C. both D.some

  解析:选B. 学生易误选A , D. 其实如果没有I want none of them这句话,四个答案都是对的。从句意:我一个也不想要,就知道你可以吃所有苹果。

  ( ) 21.Japan is ________ the east of China, Taiwan is ____ the southeast of China。.

  解析:选B. 日本位于中国东部(外面)用to, 台湾位于中国东部(内部)用in。

  A. in; in B. to; in C. on ; to D. in; to

  ( ) 22.The postman shouted, “ Mr Green, here is a letter ________ you。”

  A. to B. from C. for D. of

  解析: 选C. 介词的考查。句意:Mr Green, 这是你的信。学生容易误选A。

  ( ) 23.He hasn’t heard from his friend __________ last month。

  A. since B. by the end of C. for D. until

  解析: A. 此题学生容易受思维定势not… until…的影响误选D。since用于现在完成时,如果此题是一般过去时就选择D。

  ( ) 24.. ---Jimmy lost his key yesterday。

  ---________? It’s his third time in just one month。  A. Has he B. Did he C. Was he D. Does he

  解析:B. 根据上一句一般过去时可以判断。

  ( ) 25.You’ve passed the exam. I’m happy ______ you。

  A. on B. at C. in D. for

  解析:选D. 句意:你考试及格了,我为你高兴。

  ( ) 26. I wonder ________ they finished so many different jobs in such a short time。

  A. why B. how C. when D. where

  解析:选B. 句意:我想知道他在如此短的时间内是怎样完成这么多不同工作的。

  ( ) 27. --Ought I to go right now? ---_________。

  A. That’s very bad. B. Yes, you go ought to C. Yes, you ought D. No, you ought not to

  解析: 选D. 句子的肯定回答为:Yes, you ought to. 否定回答为:No, you ought not to

  ( ) 28. I don’t know when he ________. When he _______ here, I’ll call you in a minute。

  A. will come; will arrive B. comes; arrices C. will come; arrives D. comes; will arrive

  解析:选C. 第一句是宾语从句根据语境用一般将来时,第二句是时间状语从句,由于主句是一般将来时,那么从句要用一般现在时来代替

  ( ) 29. He turned ________ the radio a little because his father was asleep。

  A. on B. down C. up D. off

  解析: 选B. 此题学生会误选D. 但后面有个副词短语a little, 故选择B, 意为:把收音机调小一点,父亲在睡觉。如果去掉a little则选择D。

  ( ) 30. I don’t know the homework _______ today。

  A. on B. in C. of D. for

  解析: 选D. 句意: 我不知道今天的家庭作业。


( ) 31. —Would you like some coffee?

  —Yes, and please get me some milk. I prefer coffee _____ milk。(宁夏10)

  A. with B. to C. of D. on

  解析: A. 此题学生极易受思维定势prefer… to… 的影响误选B。句意:我喜欢加牛奶的咖啡。

  ( ) 32. They each ___ a book. Each of them ___ from China。

  A. has;are B. have; is C. are having;are D. is having;is

  解析:选B. 此题考查主谓一致。此题应该用一般现在时,排除C, D. each作同位语谓语动词与主语保持一致,each做主语谓语动词用单数。

  ( ) 33.-- __________ you ________ your book to the library? -- Yes. I returned it yesterday。

  A. Did, return B. Have, returned C. Will, return D. Do, return

  解析:选择B. 此题容易误选A. 从句意看:你把书归还图书馆了吗?是的。我昨天归还了。对现在的影响是“书不在这儿了”。

  ( ) 34..Though it’s cloudy now, it _________ get sunny later。

  A. can B. may C. must D. need

  解析: 选B. 表示可能性用may. Can主要表示两种用法,一种是表示能力,另外一种是请求许可; must必须;need需要。

  ( ) 35.It is in the library, you _______ talk loudly.

  A. may not B. can’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t


  ( ) 36. If anyone wants to say something in class, you ________ put up your hands first。

  A. must B. may C. should D. can

  解析:选C。 句意: 课堂上如果你想说点东西,你应该举手。

  ( ) 37.The pen _________ him ten yuan。

  A. paid B. cost C. took D. spent

  解析:选B. 动词辨析。主语是物用cost. Pay, spend的主语是人。 Take的形式主语是it。

  ( ) 38..The train _________ for twenty minutes。  A. left B. has left C. is leaving D. has been away

  解析: 选D. 此题形式会误选B. 但瞬间性动词不能与一段时间for twenty minutes连用。

  ( ) 39. – How many books _____ they ________?

  -- Five. But they haven’t finished reading even one。

  A. did…borrow B. had…borrowed C . will…borrow D. do…borrow

  解析: 选A。 此题考查时态,根据语境:他们一本也没有读完。可知他们以前借了5本书。强调过去。

  ( ) 40. He _________ his bike so he has to walk there。

  A. lost B. has lost C. had lost D. loses

  解析:选B. 此题考查时态,根据语境他丢了自行车,对现在造成的影响是不得不走路。

  ( ) 41.—Could I use your dictionary? — Yes, you _________。(芜湖10)

  A. need B. could C. can D. should

  解析:选C。 此题容易误选B. 此题中Could并不是表示过去,而是委婉的征求意见,其肯定回答是Yes, you can。

  ( ) 42. In the past few years there _________ great changes in my hometown。(兰州10)

  A. have been B. were C. had been D. are

  解析:选A. 此题容易误选A. 一般情况下In the past few years用于现在完成时,In the past用于一般过去时。

  ( ) 43. ----- Could you tell me when Mr. Li ________ in Huanggang? –

  ---- Sure.. When he ________, I’ll call you。(湖北黄冈10)

  A. arrives; will arrive B. will arrive; arrives C. arrives; arrives D.will arrive; will arrive

  解析:选B. 第一句是宾语从句根据语境用一般将来时,第二句是时间状语从句,由于主句是一般将来时,那么从句要用一般现在时来代替

  ( ) 44. —Mary dances best in our school. —I agree. I’ll never forget ____ her dance for the first time。(10江西)

  A.see see C.seeing D.seen

  解析:选C。此题容易误选B. 如果学生想正确选出答案,必须知道forget to do sth(忘记做某事);forget doing sth(忘记做过某事)。根据语境选择C。

  ( ) 45. ----Is tea ready?- ---No, mother is _______ it ready now。(10杭州)

  A.doing B. cooking C. burning D. getting

  解析:选择D. 此题稍难,ready是形容词,get sth +adj。 准备好某事。A, B, C, 动词后面只能接副词。


( ) 46. There are many people dowmstairs. What do you think _________ ? (10杭州) happen B. happening C. is happened D. has happened

  解析:选择D. 此题我们首先排除C. 因为动词happen是不及物动词,没有被动语态。B答案少了助动词is, A动词不定式表示将来,根据语境应该用现在完成时或现在进行时。

  ( ) 47. Remember to spend some time____ your loved ones,because they are not going to be around forever. (10杭州)

  A.from B.with C. in D.on

  解析: 选B. 此题95%的学生容易选错。主要是受spend…on思维定势的影响。其实句意是:记住与你喜欢的东西度过一段时间,因为他们不会永远与你在一起。

  ( ) 48. ----I hear Sam has gone to Qingdao for his holiday.-

  ----Oh, how nice! Do you know when he _______?(10南京)

  A. left B. was leaving C. has left D. had left

  解析: 选A. 由于主句是一般现在时,容易排除B, D. when一般情况下不能与现在完成时连用

  ( ) 49. ---- David, look at the man in white over there. Can you tell me _______ ? ----He is a doctor。(10重庆)

  A.who is he B.who he is C. what does he do D. what he does

  解析:选择D. 此题可以用排除法,宾语从句用陈述句语序,容易排除A, C. 根据答语He is a doctor知道应该是问职业,who 是用来询问身份的。

  ( ) 50. –I want to teach inTibet when I graduate from the college。

  --Me too.Teachers ___very much there。

  A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. is needed

  解析:选C。老师在那儿是被需要,排除A, B. 主语是单数,排除D. 故选择C。

  ( ) 51. —Tommy, do you know if Frank ____ to the theatre with us this Sunday if it ____?

  —Sorry, I have no idea. (兰州10)

  A. will go, is going to be fine B. goes, is fine  C. will go, is fine D. goes, will be fine

  解析:选C. 第一个if引导的是宾语从句,根据语境用一般将来时, 第二if 引导状语从句,由于前面主句是一般将来时,那么从句要用一般现在时来代替

  ( ) 52.. I don’t have to introduce him to you ____ you know the boy. 【四川·宜宾】

  A. until B. unless C. since D. but

  解析:选C. 连词的区别。根据语境:既然你认识这位男孩,我就没有必要向你介绍他了。注意,since除了有“自从”之意外,还有“因为,既然”之意。

  ( ) 53. --- Would you please ____ the paper for me and see if there are any obvious (明显的) mistakes? --- Of course I will. 【湖北·宜昌】

  A. look around B. look through C. look up D. look into

  解析: 选B. 动词短语辨析。look around环顾;look through浏览;look up查找; look into调查。根据语句意:请你帮我浏览一下试卷看看有没有明显错误可以吗?

  ( ) 54. —This pair of shoes _______ really small for me。

  —Why not try another _________。.

  A. is, pair B. are, pair C. is, one D. are, one

  解析: 选A。This pair of shoes/pants做主语,谓语动词的数取决于pair的单复数,如果pair是单数谓语动词就用单数,反之用复数,这样我们就排除B, D. 又因为shoes是复数,不能直接用one代替,故选择A。

  ( ) 55. If you don’t go to the meeting tomorrow, _____?

  A. he will, too B. he won’t, either C. he does, too D. he doesn’t, either

  解析: 选B. 此题容易误选D. 由于整个句子是条件状语从句,前面的从句是一般将来时,后面的主句应该是一般现在时。

  ( ) 56. I don’t think we can finish all the work before Friday, ________?

  A. do I B. can we C. can’t we D. don’t we

  解析: 选B. 此题学生最容易误选A, C. 以I think引导的宾语从句其反意疑问句应该对后面的从句进行反问,本题从句实际上是否定句,只不过否定转移到前面的主句去了。故选择B。

  ( ) 57. The shop ________ at 8:00 a.m. and it ________ for ten hours every day。

  A. opens; is open B. is opened; opens C. is open; has opened D. opened; opens

  解析: 选A。 此题学生容易误选C. 要知道open作动词时是瞬间性动词,不能与表示一段时间的状语连用,故排除C. 根据时间副词every day不用一般过去时,排除D, 根据句意:每天开门10小时,表示状态,不表示动作,排除B。

  ( ) 58. The old man lives in a town. He lives ,but he doesn’t feel 。

  A. lonely, lonely, alone B.alone, alone, lonely C. lonely, alone, lonely D.alone, alone, alone

  解析:选C。lonely是形容词,可以做表语,也可以作定语,意为孤单的,寂寞的, alone既是形容词也是

  ( ) 59.---Do you know _______? ---I’m not sure.Maybe an artist。

  A.what the man with long hair is B.what is the man with long hair

  C.who the man with long hair is D.who is the man with long hair

  解析:选择A. 此题可以用排除法,宾语从句用陈述句语序,容易排除B, D. 根据答语知道应该是问职业,who 是用来询问身份的。

  ( ) 60.--Why don’t you choose the red tie?

  --For me, it doesn’t _____ my shirt very well。(武汉)

  A. fix B. accept C. compare D.match

  解析:选D. 本题考查动词match与.。.搭配的动词用法,意思是“它与我的衬衫不搭配”应选择D。学生错选原因可能是把match当名词用,即:手表,比赛。其他选项不符合题意。 fix 安装;使固定;固定; accept 接受;compare 比较


( ) 61. --Hello,Sandy. This is Jack. What are you doing?(江西)

  --I’m watching a match. It started at 7:00 p.m and ______ on for another an hour。

  A.has been B.was C.had been D.will be

  解析:选D. 本题考查时态。根据语境:比赛还要进行一个小时。用一般将来时。

  ( ) 62. ---__________? --- Things are going very well。

  A. How soon does it go B. How often does it go

  C. How far is it go D. How is everything going

  解析:选D. 本题变相测试学生的口语能力以及对日常会话的理解 How is everything going


  ( ) 63. The population of the world in the 20th century became very much _________ than that in the 19th。  A. bigger B. larger C. greater D. more

  解析:选B. 本题考查population人口大小的固定用法,即由larger修饰。根据连词than 不难选出B答案

  ( ) 64. – What’s the weather like tomorrow? -- The radio says it is going to be even ______。

  A. bad B. worst C. badly D. worse

  解析: 选D. even修饰比较级。而且根据语境应该是明天的天气比今天更加糟糕。

  ( ) 65. Though she talks ______, she has made ________ friends here。

  A. a little, a few B. little, few C. little, a few D. few, a few

  解析: 选C. 根据句意: 尽管她不太说话,但她在这里交了几个朋友。

  ( ) 66 . –My parents never stop going on about(唠叨) how I should study hard. ---______。

  A. So my parents do B. Nor my parents C. Nor do my parents D. Neither my parents do

  解析:选C. 此题考查倒装句,因为前面句中有否定词never, 故后面倒装句是no/meither+助动词+主语。

  ( ) 67. He never does his work _______ Mary。

  A. as careful as B. so careful as C. as carefully as D. carefully as

  解析:选C. 副词的同级比较,副词修饰动词,排除A, B. as…as…与。。。一样。

  ( ) 68. Many Chinese students think science subjects are ________ foreign languages。(兰州10)

  A. more difficult as B. less difficult than C. much difficult than D. so difficult as

  解析:选B. 此题可以采用排除法。选择A的话必须把more改为as或把as改为than; 如果选择C, 则应该把much改为more或在much后面加more; 选择D则需要把so改为as。

  ( ) 69. _________ music she is playing!(乌鲁木齐10)

  A. What nice B. How nice C. What a nice D. How nice a

  解析: 选A.。 music是不可数名词,构成what+形容词+不可数名词+主谓!

  ( ) 70. His work is better than __________. (乌鲁木齐10)

  A. . anyone B. anyone else C. anyone else’s D. anyone’s else

  解析:选择C. 此题容易误选B. 比较级中,比较的对象应该前后一致。His work 应该与anyone else’s work相比较。

  ( ) 71. The nurse told the children the sun ______ in the east。

  A. rises B. rose C. will rise D. has risen

  解析:选择A. 此题容易误选B. 在宾语从句中,如果主句用一般过去时,则从句用相应的过去时态,但如果从句表示客观真理,则用一般现在时。

  ( ) 72. – Are you sure you have to? It’s been very late。

  -- I don’t know ______ I can do it if not now。

  A.. where B. why C. when D. how

  解析:选C. 根据语境:如果现在不做,我不知道何时可以做。

  ( ) 73. ----Hello, Jack! Haven’t seen you for a long time! ---John! ________

  A. How old are you? B. How are you? C. How’s that? D. How time flies!

  解析:选D. 此题容易误选B. 根据语境选择D. 即时间过得真快!

  ( ) 74. I could not get through the door because there was a big stone ___________。

  A. by the way B. on the way C. out of the way D. in the way

  解析:选D. 此题学生容易误选B. by the way顺便说;on the way在路上;out of the way不挡道; in the way挡道,妨碍。根据句意:因为有块石头挡道,所以我不能通过门。

  ( ) 75. Can you lend me the book ___ the other day?(芜湖10)

  A. that you talked B. you talked about it C. which you talked to D. you talked about

  解析:选D. 此题考查定语从句的用法,学生容易误选A, B. 此题容易排除C. talk to的宾语是人而不是物,又由于talk是不及物动词,谈论某物是talk abot, 引导词that是talk about 的宾语,可以省略。


( ) 76 —You never told us why you were late for the meeting,____?

  — _______. I think it is not necessary to explain。(呼和浩特2010)

  A.weren’t you; No B. did you; No C. did you; Yes D. didn’t you; No

  解析:选B. 此题较难,学生非常容易选错。 首先此题容易排除A, D. 因为句中有否定词never, 反义疑问句的原则是前否后肯。在反义疑问句回答中,如果事实是肯定的,就用肯定回答,反之,则用否定回答。根据下句:没有必要解释,说明“你”没有告诉我为什么你迟到了。

  ( ) 77. — What is your little brother like? —________ . He enjoys telling jokes。(青岛10)  A. He is tall and thin B. He is shy and quiet. C. He is outgoing and funny. D. He is strong and heavy。

  解析:What is your little brother like?既可以用来询问人的外貌,也可以询问人的性格特征,根据He enjoys telling jokes。说明他外向、滑稽。

  ( ) 78. Jim’s father got very angry _________ 。( 10西宁)

  A.with that he had done B. with what he had done C. at what he had done D. at what had he done

  解析:选C. 此题容易误选B. be/get/become angry with sb对某人生气,be/get/become angry at sth对某事生气。 所做的事发生在生气之前,宾语从句用陈述句语序,故选择C。

  ( ) 79. —What are on show in the museum?

  —Some photos _______ by the children of Yushu, Qinghai。(兰州10)

  A. have been taken B. were taken C. are taken D. taken

  解析: 选D. 此题学生最容易出错,误选B. 当然有的老师也会出错。此题考查过去分词作定语。此句子其实是个省略句,完整句中应该是:Some photos taken by the children of Yushu, Qinghai are on show in the museum。

  ( ) 80. —He didn’t go to the lecture this morning, did he?

  — _____ . Though he was not feeling very well。(兰州10)

  A. No, he didn’t B. Yes; he did C. No, he did D. Yes, he didn’t

  解析:选B. 此题考查附加疑问句的回答,在附加疑问句中,如果事实是肯定的,就用肯定回答,反之,则用否定回答。根据下句:Though he was not feeling very well。尽管他感到不舒服,可知他去了。

  ( ) 81. — Have you found the information about the famous people ________ you can use for the report?

  —Not yet. I’ll search some on the Internet。(兰州10)

  A.who B. what C. whom D. which

  解析: 选D. 此题容易误选A, C. 其实,仔细分析句子结构,我们发现定语从句的先行词是information而非people, about the famous people是先行词的后置定语。

  ( ) 82. The doctor did what he could _____ the dying man. (2009江苏宿迁)

  A. save B. to save C. saved D. saving

  解析:选B. 此题学生容易受思维定势影响影响会误选B, 其实本题是考查动词不定式表目的。

  ( ) 83. The life we were used to ______ greatly since 1980. (2009黔西南州)

  A. change B.has changed C. changing D. have changed

  解析:选B. 此题也较难。 学生往往容易误选A, C. 根据句意:我习惯了的生活自从1980年以来发生了巨大变化。we wrer used to做The life的后置定语。

  ( ) 84. These coats are different _____ size. (2007山东济南)

  A. from B. of C. to D. in

  解析: 选D. 此题学生最容易误选A. 句意:这些外衣在尺寸大小不一。

  ( ) 85. ---Will you join us to play basketball on Saturday afternoon?

  ---________, but I promised to go swimming with Eric。

  A. Never mind B. Many thanks C. Take it easy D. With pleasure

  解析: 选D. 此题考查日常交际用语,根据答语可知选择D. 即:我非常乐意和你们打篮球,但我答应和Eric去游泳了。

  ( ) 86. —Whom would you like to be your assistant, Jack or David?

  —If I had to choose, David would be ____ choice. (2007年江西)

  A. good B. better C. the better D. the best

  解析:选择C. 此题容易误选B. 比较级一般情况下不加定冠词the, 但表示两者较。。。时,则必须加the。

  ( ) 87. —Where did you go on holiday this summer? England?

  —You are _____. We went on a 10-day trip to Paris. (2009武汉)

  A. fuuny B.right D.close

  解析: 选D. 此题容易误选B. 但细心的学生一看最后一句就知道England和Paris并不是一个地方,说明问话人没有说对。选择D意为你快要说对了。Close在此句是形容词,意思是近的,接近的。

  ( ) 88. Shanghai is larger than _____ city in New Zealand。

  A. any other B. other C. all other D.any

  解析: 选D. 此题学生也容易出错。句意:上海比新西兰任何城市都要大。如果把New Zealand换成China, 则选择A, 需要把它本身排除在外。

  ( ) 89. —Who is singing in the next room? —_____ must be Maria。  A. It B. She C. This D.There

  解析:选择A. 此题容易误选B. 在英语中,对猜测的或指代身份不明的通常用it来代替。

  ( ) 90.—Again, my computer doesn’t work。

  —________must be something wrong with the CPU. (09杭州)

  A. There B.That C.It D.This

  解析:选择A. 此题容易误选C. 此题其实是考查there be句型。There be something wrong with sth某事出问题了。There must be something wrong with sth某事一定出问题了。


( ) 91. She was born _______ the evening of August 8, 2008.

  A. in B. on C. at D. with

  解析:选B. 此题学生会误选A. 具体某天用on。

  ( ) 92.They preferred ______ in bed rather than _____ horses. (2007年黑龙江) lie; to ride B.lying; riding lie; ride D.lying; ride

  解析:选择C. 此题容易误选B, D. 此题考查句型prefer to do sth rather than do sth。比起做某事宁愿做某事。

  ( ) 93.Can you imagine that __ little ants can eat __ many big worms。( 07年南京模拟); so B.such; such C.such; so; such

  解析:选择C. 此题受思维定势影响容易选A. 本题中little意为“小的”而非“少的”。那么第一空就应该选择such。

  ( ) 94.We must do everything we can__waste water from running into rivers。(09年孝感)

  A.keep B.kept keep D.keeping

  解析:选C. 此题学生容易受思维定势影响影响会误选A, 其实本题是考查动词不定式表目的。

  ( ) 95. He’ll use what he has _____ her a new dress. (2009年江苏无锡)

  A.bought buy C.buying D.been bought

  解析:选B. 此题容易误选A. 其实本题是考查动词不定式表目的

  ( ) 96.Everyone except Tom and John ______ seen the film. (2009年烟台) B.has C.are D.have

  解析:选B. 此题考查主谓一致。句子中主语含有except, with, as well was 等词时,谓语动词不受后面影响,与前面主语保持一致。Everyone是不定代词,谓语动词用单数。

  ( ) 97.—Jolin, how long have you been a teacher as a pop star?

  —______the end of last month, after Jolin’s English Diary Book came out。

  A. Since B. In C. By D. At

  解析:选择A. 此题学生容易误选C. D. 根据上句现在完成时,只能用since。

  ( ) 98. –Hello, could I speak to Mr. Smith, please? --Sorry, there isn’t ____Mr. Smith here。

  A. the B. a C. an D. /

  解析:选B. 此题很难。 人名,地名等专有名词前一般没有冠词,但本句句意是:这里没有一个叫Mr. Smith的人。

  ( ) 99. ––Who is on the playground? ---__________。

  A. No one B. None C. too much D. A lot

  解析:选择A.。 none 可以回答How many引导的特殊疑问句,no one用来回答Who 引导的特殊疑问句。

  ( ) 100. She asked me _____ I would do it or not。

  A. if B. whether C. as D. until

  解析:选B. I f和whether都可以用来引导宾语从句,表示“是否”之意。但当后面有or not时只能用whether。

  ( ) 101–Could you tell me___________? – She has a pain in her face。

  A. what is the matter with her B. what’s wrong with him

  C. what the matter is with her D. what wrong is with him

  解析:选择A.。 此题我们容易排除B, D, 因为后面的主语是She. 此题学生容易误选C. 其实本题中What 就是主语,故语序不变。

  ( ) 102.—Put it down, Richard, you mustn’t read _______ letter。

  A. anyone’s else’s B. anyone’s else C. anyone else’s D. anyone else

  解析:选择C. 此题容易误选A, B. anyone else任何其他人; anyone else’s 任何其他人的。

  ( ) 103. Do you have _______ to tell me?

  A. something important B. important something

  C. anything important D. important anything

  解析:选择C 。 形容词修饰不定代词必须放在其后面,我们排除B, D. 此句是一般疑问句用anything。

  ( ) 104. Butter and cheese ______ in price。

  A. is gone up B. have gone up C. are gone up D. has gone up

  解析: 选D. 此题容易排除A, B. 因为它们是错误结构,Butter and cheese是一种物质而非两种物质。

  ( ) 105. In our country every boy and every girl ______ the right to education。

  A. has B. have C. is D. are

  解析:选择A.。考查主谓一致。every +名词单数 and every 名词单数,谓语动词用单数。


( ) 106. A man of words and not of deeds _______ a graden full of weed。

  A. like B. likes C. is like D. are like

  解析:选择C。 句子主语是a man. 句意是:注重语言而缺少行动的人犹如一个长满草的花园

  ( ) 107. John plays basketball _________, if not better than Jim。

  A. as well B. so well as C. so well D. as well as

  解析: 选D. 句意: John打球如果不是打得比Jim好,就是打得与他一样好。

  ( ) 108. _____ neither you nor he enjoy fast food?

  A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

  解析:选择A.。按照就近原则选择A. 句意:你和他都不喜欢快餐。

  ( ) 109. The population of the world ______ still _____ now。

  A. has, grown B. is, growing C. will, grow D. are growing

  解析:选B. 本题考查主谓一致和时态。The population of作主语,谓语动词用单数,后面有时间副词now,所以用现在进行时。

  ( ) 110. Half of the students ______ made the same mistakes。

  A. has B. have C. is D. are

  解析:选B. 分数作主语,谓语动词的数取决于后面的名词,名词是可数名词复数,谓语动词用单数,如果名词是不可数名词则谓语动词用单数。

  ( ) 111. Nobody but Jane and Lily ______ the secret。

  A. knows B. know C. have know D. is known

  解析:选择A.。此题考查主谓一致。句子中主语含有except, with, as well was,but 等词时,谓语动词不受后面影响,与前面主语保持一致。nobody是不定代词,谓语动词用单数。

  ( ) 112. The teacher and writer ______ coming to our school this afternoon。

  A. is B. are C. be D. was

  解析:选择A.。此题容易误选A, the teacher and the writer指同一个人。本题意为:那位老师兼作家今天下午要来我们学校。

  ( ) 113. He as well as his classmates ________ English。

  A. like B. likes C. liked D. have liked

  解析:选B. 此题考查主谓一致。句子中主语含有except, with, as well was,but 等词时,谓语动词不受后面影响,与前面主语保持一致。He是 单数,谓语动词用单数。

  ( ) 114. --Shall I give you a ride as you look so tired?

  --Thank you. _______。

  A. It’s your duty. B. Don’t mention it C. Do as you like D. It couldn’t be better

  解析: 选D. 考查日常交际用语。 It couldn’t be better意为“没有比这更好的了”。

  ( ) 115. ---Remember to ask her to call me back. ---________。

  A. Never mind B. That’s right C. Up to you D. Got it

  解析: 选D. 考查日常交际用语。Got it意为”明白了,知道了”。


  ( ) 116. Lucy did no better than Lily, because both of them didn’t pass the exam。

  A. as better as B. as well as C. as badly as D. as bad as

  解析:选择C。no better than意为“和……一样不好”

  ( ) 117. He goes to work by bike once in a while。

  A. often B. never C. sometimes D. ever

  解析:选择C。once in a while意为“有时,偶尔”。

  ( ) 118. She wasn’t afraid to tell him the truth, though he might get angry。

  A. didn’t dare B. dared C. agreed D. disagreed

  解析:选B.。 wasn’t afraid to do sth不怕做某事

  ( ) 119. I would have been late for work if Mr. Green hadn’t given me a ride last Friday。

  A. lent me his bike B. let me take his bike

  C. reminded me of the time D. picked me up

  解析: 选D. give sb a ride用车接某人,给某人搭便车。

  ( ) 120. Grandmother is badly ill. We must send for a doctor at once。

  A. ask a doctor to come B. look after a doctor C. go to see a doctor D. ask for

  解析:选择A.。send for a doctor派人去请医生。